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    Statement of Beliefs

    We believe that as followers of St. Francis of Assisi we are "Lesser Brothers" called to be centered in Christ with the Gospel as our Rule life.

    We believe that fidelity to our calling is expressed in loyalty to the mission of Jesus continued in His Church, in a spirit of prayer and contemplation, with a special love for the poor, and reverence for all God's creation.

    We believe that we are called to fraternity, to share a life of joy and peace, to draw our inspiration from the cross of Jesus, and to be renewed continually through our celebration of the Eucharist.

    Statement of Purpose

    Our mission is to permeate our society with Gospel values. We are to be instruments of change and heralds of peace in a broken world, serving all people, especially the poor and marginalized, through reconciliation and healing.

    Our mission, in a variety of ministries, is to try to respond to the needs of the Church in fidelity to our Franciscan ideals.

    Statement of Commitment

    Rejecting greed, manipulation, and consumerism, we commit ourselves to a life style that effectively witnesses the Gospel values of simplicity, joy, and brotherhood.

    We commit ourselves to forward the evangelizing mission of the Church for our day with primacy of concern for issues of justice and the rights of minorities, the poor, the homeless, and refugees.

    We commit ourselves to the development of the laity in order to call forth their gifts and talents toward a greater participation in leadership roles in both Church and society.

    We commit ourselves to a readiness to relinquish ministries that can be provided for by others, in order to respond to more urgent needs consonant with our Franciscan charism and the demands of ministry.

    We commit ourselves to a genuine Christian formation of our friars as well as the people we serve, sensitive to cultural identities and values, rooting out prejudice in all its forms.

    Abstract Crozier 
    Fr. Frank Folino, O.F.M.