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Lent : turn away from sin

Franciscan Vocation Ministry


                                 Fr. John at: frjohn@befranciscan.com

                                     Fr. Vaughn at: frvaughn@befranciscan.com


                                         Phone: 773-753-1925

                                 Website: www.befranciscan.com

                               E-mail: vocations@befranciscan.com

                       October 14-16, 2011 & February 10-12, 2012

                                                 Next Come & See Weekends

Please do what you can to promote vocations 
to religious life. Encourage all to consider the joyful option 
of life as a sister, brother, or priest.
1. PRAY, not only “for vocations” but to help young people develop habits of prayer.

2. EVANGELIZE, providing a firm foundation in the Catholic faith, emphasizing vocation awareness at every level of religious education.

3. EXPERIENCE, providing opportunities to put faith into action and to make connections between service and spirituality.

4. MENTOR, serving as guides, models and wisdom figures in the faith, prioritizing time to be present to and active with young people. 





The friars are to take care to present to all people his way of life and values as an essential element of our vocation; the friars are to live with such diligence, genuineness and joy that these others can choose and share this life.27



VOCATION; represents the process of discovering an individual's unique gifts and discerning how God calls us to offer those gifts in service. It calls us out of ourselves towards God and neighbor. As followers of St. Francis of Assisi in these modern times, we are called to be centered in Christ with the Gospel as our Rule of Life. "This is what I wish, this is what I seek, this is what I long to do with all my heart!" exclaimed St. Francis. We believe that fidelity to our calling is expressed in a spirit of faithfulness to the mission Jesus began, we have a special love for the poor, and we revere all Gods’ Creations.