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Lent : turn away from sin

Franciscan Spirituality

Man reaching into light.

Franciscan spirituality sheds light on the powerful, perpetual, endless love of Jesus Christ. This love is revealed through the scriptures, which inspired St. Francis to have a conversion of life. He discarded a life of personal gain and indulgence for a life of servant leadership. As Christ washed the feet of his disciples, St. Francis washed the feet of the leper. Today, the Franciscans strive to be a source of hope and healing for the outcasts of our time.

We give thanks... Gratefulness enables us to find peace in all circumstances by freeing us from resentment.  As long as we are merely thankful, we give thanks for what we perceive to be beneficial, yet we retain the lurking fear that something harmful may come our way instead. To be grateful is more. It is our courageous trust that life itself – kind or harsh, happy or sad – is good, if only we receive it as gift.  The gift is the opportunity either to fully accept or to change what the moment brings. 

The moment we trust in this truth, we are at peace. A person at peace will serve as an agent of peace in the world. Blessed our the Peacemakers